Terms & Conditions

Appointment & Payments

  • On payment of a deposit a contract is automatically entered into, wherein Magical Venues will provide its venue and other services to you and whereby you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out here in their entirety. Any variations to these standard terms and conditions must be obtained from Magical Venues in writing.
  • A deposit of R10,000 is required in order to secure your booking. Bookings will only be confirmed when proof of payment is received. The deposit secures the venue.

This deposit will not be refunded should you cancel your booking.

  • A refundable Breakage payment of R4000.00 are added onto the quotation, and are refunded within 14 days after the wedding. Please note: Should any breakage occur, it will be deducted from the breakage fee, according to the value of the item.
  • Payment (excluding the aforementioned R10 000 deposit) for a function booked at least 4 months in advance may be split over the months prior to the function. This can help reduce the financial demands of your wedding. These payments must be monthly on the same date every month, with the full amount paid up 2 weeks prior to the function.
  • The Balance of the payment must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the function date. Magical Venues have the right to cancel such a wedding, if payment is not received.
  • Final guest numbers and menu requests must be received a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your function.
  • All charges incurred during your function are to be settled in full on departure.
  • An appointment should be set up to discuss final wedding arrangements a minimum of 4 weeks before the wedding date.
  • Please note – No cheques accepted.  Only electronic transfers, cash or credit cards. Depositing a cheque yourself into the bank account does not classify as a direct deposit or EFT.
  • Credit card payments are not accepted as bank charges have not been provided for.
  • Quotes are valid for 14 days.
  • Please USE our DEPOSIT REFERENCE on all payments.

Cancellations & Postponements Policy

  • No refunds will be made unless Magical Venues is able to secure an alternative booking of the same value for the function date.
  • All refunds will be subject to a 15% administration fee.
  • If any payments are not paid within the time specified, Magical Venues is entitled to cancel the booking after giving written notice and allowing 7 days to remedy.
  • NO verbal cancellations or postponements will be accepted.
  • All cancellations and postponements MUST be MADE in writing.
  • Magical Venues reserves the right to cancel any booking forthwith and without liability on its part in the event of any damage to, or destruction of the venue by fire, shortage of labor, strikes, industrial unrest, or any other cause beyond the control of Magical Venues, which shall prevent it from performing its obligations. In these circumstances every effort will be made to find an alternative venue.
  • Your deposit will be refunded to you upon cancellation, as followed

0 – 6   Months Prior To The Function                     100% of Deposit is Retrained
6 – 10 Months Prior To The Function                       75% of Deposit is Retrained


  • Menu prices remain subject to change due to economic factors during the course of the year.
  • Children under the age of 12 years will be charged 50% of the agreed adult menu price.
  • Children under the age of two years are free.
  • Should an outside caterer be used for the entire function, a surcharge of R150 per person will apply. Please speak the event coordinator regarding the options available.
  • All menu’s must be finalized 2 weeks prior to the function
  • Food may not be brought onto the premises, unless arranged with management.
  • Left-over food remains the property of Magical Venues
  • Should you have fewer guests than the required minimum number the difference will be charged at a rate of 60% of the cost of the chosen menu.

Risk/ Loss/ Damages

  • Paper confetti, streamers, feathers, Organic Flower Petals, rice or Popcorn are allowed.
  • We shall not be held liable for interruptions of services (water, electricity, sanitary services).
  • Whilst every precaution will be taken to ensure the safeguarding of your belongings, Magical Venues will not be liable for loss or damage to any property whatsoever (décor props, wedding gifts, valuables, etc.). We recommend that all personal and valuable property be removed directly after the wedding.
  • Should Magical Venues building, surrounding gardens, décor or napery be damaged by the client or clients’ suppliers during the set-up or break down operations of the function, the client shall be held responsible and will be billed accordingly.
  • Magical Venues, its employees or any person employed at any wedding will not be held liable for any loss or injury to persons, due to negligence or any other cause whatsoever.
  • All decorations have to be discussed with your wedding coordinator prior to your proceeding to ensure that no damage is done to the venue.
  • Outside suppliers have to adhere to the set up and breakdown times communicated.


Children of all ages are welcome at Magical Venues.

Baby sitters can be arranged for weddings and are subject to availability at a rate of R85 per hour. There is a maximum of 3 children per child minder (age depending). Should you want to arrange for a baby sitter, we must be told well in advance in order for us to arrange this?

Please note that children are the responsibility of their parents or guardians and not the responsibility of Magical Venues or its staff. They are to be supervised at all times. Please bear in mind that we have swimming pools and fish ponds on the property and accept no responsibility for any accidents due to unforeseen circumstances.

Bar Service

  • The bar is run according to your requirements i.e. full bar, wine & malt only, cash bar etc.
  • Welcome drinks are also available e.g. sherry, punch, fruit juice, champagne etc.
  • Wine lists & bar prices are available on request.
  • Bar prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Bar requirements to be confirmed at least 2 weeks before the function.
  • Bar limits may be set and sub-totals at regular intervals can be supplied.
  • Bar limit must be paid in advance at least 2 weeks before the function.
  • A cash bar is permitted; however, any unpaid bar tabs will be deducted from the holding deposit.
  • No alcohol may be brought onto the premises failure by you or your guests to comply with this will result in the forfeiture of your holding deposit.
  • Magical Venues reserves the right to close the bar at any time and for any reasons that may be harmful to the property, guests and staff.
  • Should you insist that no alcohol be served during your function a service charge of R3,000 will be levied.
  • Last round will be called 30 minutes before the agreed ending time.

Dekor Packages and Selected Menu

  • All decor and menus according to your needs adequately chosen.
  • If you choose a package that does not meet the requirements and requested by you, the additional fee will be charged to cover costs. Make sure the package is chosen, and whether it will be enough to suit your needs.
  • All buffet meals and spitbraai menus and the finger lunches are self-help. If you request that the buffet spitbraai and finger lunches dished up and served, 15% will be charged to the selected menu.
  • Welcome drinks – Non-alcoholic drinks Majito’s, fresh fruit and fruit cups, can be selected in addition to @ R20 p / p.


  • All wedding venues are excluded from the decor and menus packages.
  • Please ensure that the equipment requested is satisfactory in advance of your function. Any additional items should be supplied or hired by the client at the client’s cost.
  • Should clients require the folding of our napkins completed with detail (e.g. ribbon, raffia) supplied by the client, a fee will be charged. This will be confirmed and charged for two weeks prior to the wedding date.
  • No fireworks will be allowed on the Magical Venues properties.
  • No live animals may be brought onto the Magical Venues properties.
  • Hooting and loud music will not be permitted in the parking area.
  • Sound levels to be maintained at an acceptable level during the function.
  • Candles may not be placed directly on the linen. Magical Venues reserves the right to remove the candles if necessary. Candleholders should be wide enough to ensure no wax damage to the linen. Should Magical Venues have to provide candle bases, a surcharge will be levied.
  • No permanent alterations are allowed, to include nails or hooks in the walls, roof or frames.
  • Any damage to Magical Venues property including linen, beyond reasonable wear and tear will be charged accordingly.

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